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Grand Champion Kinsridge Red Pepper (imp UK)
Grand Champion Kinsridge Golden Reign (imp UK)
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Generally Speaking

Welcome to our jam packed Spring issue. Apart from Easter, this is the beginning of Australia's busiest show season so far as major events are concerned, and everyone is rushing around from State to State. Brisbane Royal is over and so is Adelaide now, with Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Perth about to happen. We would be delighted to receive photos from General Specials for all these events (we cover every Best in Group and In Show plus Puppies, please, not just a selected few). Also covered in this issue is the DogsNSW Spring Fair, held on its new date at the beginning of Spring and voted a great social success away from the awful weather conditions that have been experienced over the past few years on the November dates.

Olympic tennis gold medal winner Andy Murray's Border Terriers

Of course the Olympics and the Paralympics also enthralled so many of us, well done to Great Britain for these incredible events. Two of our favourite pictures are on this and the following page.

The Dog World has lost a number of its noted members recently and our respectful sympathies to their families and friends.

On another note, this promises to be one of the worst snake and tick seasons to date, and it seems no amount of vigilance can protect some of our beloved dogs from succumbing to threats from both species, the downside o the beautiful Spring and Summer weather for which Australia is renowned. The hot weather of course also poses a great threat to the safety of our dogs, so please be extra vigilant over the next few months.

Good news is the change to quarantine regulations and the reduction to only ten days. We thought this commenced from 1 January 2013 but it seems now it does not come into effect until 1 July. Bad news is that the entire quarantine operation is moving to Victoria, sad news for those of us in other States who will be unable to visit our new arrival, not so bad when it becomes only ten days, but the existing month will drag in the interim. However it is still so wonderful compared to the 4 months, 6 months, nine months, that so many imports had to endure "in the olden days".

Those time frames kept us safe and as such were totally justified, but the progress now to only ten days is wonderful. At the same time more and more semen is being imported and across such a wide range of breeds, this is fantastic to see the gene pools expanding so rapidly and exciting to see the results.

Wendye Slatyer

Pictorial Features:

  • Sydney & Junior KCs Spring Fair


  • One of our favourite Olympic stories
  • Review of Importation of Dogs and Cats and their Semen
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Veterinary Microsurgeon Performs No Small Feat
  • The Canine Exhibition - Tasmania celebrates the 150 anniversary of Australia's first dog show
  • The Skeptic Tank - Al Grosman - Ages and Stages
  • Adelaide Hills KC Battle of the Champions and Dogtainers Puppy of the Year
  • Second Best BIS?
  • K9 Cops - Police Dogs of the World
  • Police Dog Memorial Unveiled in NSW
  • Read to the Dog with Danny the Greyhound
  • Vale Keith Anderson, Mac Formston
  • Vale Val Spec
  • Living With Pets Helps Women Cope With Chronic Illness
  • The Great Aussie Dream
  • Books for yourself or as great gifts as Christmas approaches
  • NSW Junior State Handlers
  • The Extreme Show Dog - Tam Cordingley
  • Doggie Language/Tick Season
  • Caring for Pets in Hot Weather
  • Lhasa and cat/Scamp and Kittens
  • Hound Toplines and Underlines Part 1 - Lisa Dube Forman
  • Vale Hachiko
  • Vale Indiana
  • Save the Koalas
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