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Grand Champion Kabova Mr Perfect Gentleman - Orson
Australia’s Number 1 Pug 2011*
Orson is loved and handled by Jenny Williams & Kelly Scott (Foxscott Terriers)

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Generally Speaking

So much drama occurred at Crufts this year and we have done our best with our coverage elsewhere in this issue to state the facts as they have been published.

Now we await developments as a result of the formation of The Canine Alliance and its meeting with The Kennel Club. Most of us were shell shocked as the disqualification of six Best of Breed winners from further competition at Group level reverberated around the world.

It is to be hoped solutions can be found which strike a more even balance between the praiseworthy commitment of The Kennel Club to insist on further emphasising the necessity to breed healthy dogs and the equally important necessity to protect, preserve and promote purebred dogs and adhere to the hallmarks in the Breed Standards.

If this balance can not be achieved, many breeds will totally disappear and in fact our entire hobby will probably go with them. "Not in this country" have said the authorities for the ANKC and the AKC - we can only hope they are right and continue to have the power, the dedication, and the commitment to withstand the gathering storm.

Wendye Slatyer

Pictorial Features:

  • The Finnish Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans gala
  • Canberra Royal
  • Crufts
  • Iditarod


  • Generally Speaking
  • Sydney Royal Top Four
  • Australian Obedience Team At Crufts
  • Veterinarian Speaks Out On PETA and Westminster - Libbye Miller DVM
  • Canine Research Foundation Grants to Commence In 2012 - Bob Maver
  • Dogs With Australian Background Doing Well In Finland - Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
  • Be On The Lookout For Problems With Dogs' Ears - University of Illinois
  • Pug CC Winners say No to High Profile Checks at UK Toydog - from DogWorld UK/Updated List of Breeds on "The Hit List" - Denise Ball
  • Why Crufts Should Worry Us - Susie
  • High Profile Vet Checks: KC has 'Shot Itself In The Foot' says Top Judge
  • Canine Alliance is formed
  • Heart Murmurs Speak Volumes To Veterinarians - University of Illinois
  • Feel Good Page
  • Dogs and Cheetahs Living Together - Nicole Pajer
  • Managing Diabetes Mellitus - Noreen Clark
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Vale John Cowdroy
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