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Twinan Manchester Hot Sauce (Chester) (imp UK)
Balletcor Sir Lancelot (Lance) (imp Wales)
Welsh Corgi Pembrokes

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Generally Speaking

Firstly our sincere apologies for the long delay in getting this issue out. Yes we all say "computer problems" and we have had them and had to apologise for them before this, but never had we had so many delays and frustrations as this time.

It started with a mirror drive "that could not fail" failing! We have used it for years and it had been up until then indeed fail proof. Not this time, and with its failure went all of our 2011 work, including heaps of finished pages for the December issue and of course all the files, photos, logos, reference pages for every issue of Volume 14.

Innumerable attempts at recovery all failed. Finally we opted for a new Operating System, and then the trouble really started, all of our daily tools of the trade became unstable or disappeared, we had (still do not have) our font management programme, no reliable access to our publishing programmes, problems with creating and working from Acrobat PDFs, huge problems with emails disappearing before they could even be saved, and then a few days ago our printer also decided it would no longer co-operate with the computer, so it was necessary to lose more time and go off to buy a new one.

However as you can see, we finally got this issue out.

It is jam packed with quality photo coverage of many events. We do apologise for some planned and mostly ready editorial material not appearing, but we have had to try to find everything lost by going through emails etc, and if we have lost something we promised to publish, please send it to us again.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and now we hope you enjoy this issue.

Our Westminster coverage will continue next month.

Wendye Slatyer

Pictorial Features:

  • 14 Dalwood
  • ACT Xmas shows
  • Hobart Royal
  • Perth Royal
  • NZ Dog Of The Year
  • Montgomery - the Mecca of Terriers - Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
  • AKC Eukanuba National


  • ANKC Conference Report
  • UK Quarantine Rules Eased/First "Greenhounds" Muzzle Free
  • Vale Wally Robbins, Ian Stirton, Don Gottschalk & John Cowdroy
  • UK RSPCA Campaign 'Fails To Address The Real Issues'
  • Origin
  • The UK Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Cardigan Corgis & Performance Corgis - Jan West
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