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Eng Ch Belleville Créme Brulee (imp UK)
Being farewelled November 2010 by
Leslie Crawley (Ragus) and Cathy Thompson Morgan (Belleville)
and shown making himself at home with Jann & Ron Trout and Team Karrell
on the day he came out of Quarantine December 2010

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Generally Speaking

Generally Speaking

Australasia has recently been through a terrible time, with flooding in the Brisbane area on a level not seen for decades, a hurricane way beyond average and cyclonic weather in the north of Queensland, extensive flooding in Victoria, raging fires in Perth, and a devastating earthquake in New Zealand with after shocks still occurring. Many lives have been lost and dreadful damage done to livestock and crops. Many people are homeless. We are all still reeling, recovery of bodies in some places may never take place, and some areas may never again be declared habitable.

The response in terms of heroism and of financial support by both professionals and "ordinary" people has been beyond comprehension, and continues. So many people have raised so much money for those in need it is not possible for us to record it all, people have given time and time again, and the Canine Controlling bodies and the members of the dog world should be rightly proud. It is human nature to breath a sigh of relief and say "It's over" but of course it isn't, the terrible losses of property and possessions can never be restored and the thousands of people whose lives have been ruined can never be expected to return to normal.

But dog people DO "soldier on" and this message posted by Anne Raymond on Facebook is SO typical ... Just had it confirmed that the show in Christchurch that we South Aussies are judging at is going ahead this weekend... hope that maybe a little bit of normality will bring some happier thoughts to the people of Christchurch . My thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost loved ones or are still unsure of their situation.

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On a more cheerful note, Paua Heikkinen Lehkonen says in her report on the Helsinki shows ... "About 30,000 spectators came to see the shows..."

The FCI now has an online eMagazine, http://www.dogdotcom.be/lang/en/news/fciviyo.html

The first meeting has been held to discuss the introduction of an Accredited Breeders Scheme in Australia, well NSW but presumably this is a national initiative. There have been many teething problems with the UK scheme and the USA is also working towards one. Initial response says "What a good idea" especially in view of the continuing fallout from Pedigree Dogs Exposed but history and commonsense raises alarm bells, especially when there is talk of making contracts compulsory, compulsory kennel inspections, all the big usual regular bogeymen wielding all the big usual sticks, more and more paperwork and more and more red tape. Time will tell and we will await actual details before carrying out an in depth analysis of any pros and what we are sure will be many cons.

First half of the year Royal season is upon us, Canberra has just been held and Toowoomba and Sydney are imminent. Most of the other major Royals are held in the second half of the year. And so the cycle continues....

Wendye Slatyer

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