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The response to our eEditions continues to far exceed our expectations. We do understand that some find it a little difficult to manage, more readers than we expected are still on dial-up and some have limited downloads. We thank those who get in touch to tell us and these issues are being addressed and the technicalities becoming easier all the time as we work closely on it with our digital partners Pressmart, as we do not want to lose a single loyal follower, many of whom have been with National DOG since it started.

On the other hand our email inbox constantly contains letters expressing satisfaction and approval, many of these from other parts of the world. Especially encouraging are those from people in the industry full of praise and admiration for what we have achieved, who tell us they are watching us closely as everyone agrees digital publishing is the way to the future. Again thanks to all who take the time to write, it is truly appreciated.

With this issue is a 44 page Breed Feature on Griffons Bruxelllois and Petit Brabanon. Our thanks to all who have supported it and contributed so much widely varied material. And from this feature, an oh so true statement from Alastair Cliquot in his breeder's profile Breeding isn't a 'right', it's a 'responsibility'.

Hopefully with the strong pressure on us all now to be sure we breed healthy dogs as well as great specimens of their breeds, more people will take Alastair's statement to heart.

Two rumours have been widely circulating in Sydney during the previous week, one was that Dogs NSW Chairman Mr Frank Pieterse was not standing for re-election and was "going to the RSPCA", and the other that the lease on Erskine Park had not been renewed and yet the Board was spending a great deal of money on a new fence along the side of Luddenham Road.

Preferring as always to check possibly controversial issues, we contacted Mr Pieterse, so for the harbingers of doom out there, when asked for a statement Mr Pieterse wrote.....

Thanks for your e-mail.

You mention that, "I have heard numerous times in the past 24 hours that you are not standing for re-election and are going to the RSPCA".

I am pleased to respond as follows

1) In November 2010 I will have been Chairman of Dogs NSW for three years. According to the Constitution of the company a Chairman must retire after three consecutive years and cannot restand for the position until after the next succeeding Annual General Meeting.

2) At present I have no intention of joining any alternative animal welfare group/organisation. My interests still remain with promoting pedigreed dogs and responsible dog breeding and ownership.

3) As I have stated on numerous occasions I believe that Dogs NSW should maintain a constructive dialogue with the Government and other relevant bodies for the welfare of dogs.

And on the matter of the lease:

The lease has been renewed for a period of 20 years from expiry, namely 23. 05 2008. The renewal procedure has been very lengthy but, for all practical purposes, is complete.

The front fence was falling down and unsightly and we were obligated to renew it as repair was not possible. The fence renewal has been commenced with consent of the landlord and the Penrith Council.

Kind Regards Frank Pieterse

Till next issue Wendye Slatyer Editor

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


  • Sydney Royal
  • Toowoomba Royal
  • USA Collie National - Cecilie Ryan



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  • From A Distance .... Miles Gunter
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Bite Inhibitions - Honey Gross Richardson
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant

And our 44 page Breed feature on Griffon Bruxellois & Petit Braban´┐Żon

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