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For the last few months, life has been even more chaotic than ever here at NationalDOG. As hopefully most readers are now aware, we made a sudden decision to convert solely to our online eEdition, and there will be no further print editions. We encountered a problem with distribution resulting from a change in trading terms with our excellent former printers which we were unable to resolve, so this crystallised our thinking to convert totally to our digital publication, which has been running parallel with and is identical to the print one, so we will no longer be available at newsagents or outlets.

Subscribers will receive a rebate on the remainder of their subscriptions minus the Annual which will be mailed shortly. Please be patient.

We did not reach this decision lightly, especially as we - the Calahorra Afghan Hounds - were in the first edition of NationalDOG back in 1969.

However we sincerely believe this is the future of publishing for magazines such as ours, and hope you can understand where we are coming from by utilising this exciting new technology.

We do hope you continue to enjoy reading our publications.

We are very excited about our eEdition and since notifying as many people as we could by email, the response already far exceeds what we expected. If you have any friends who would like to join us please ask them to contact us or forward their email addresses to us.


The e-Edition is really easy to use.

Here are some instructions as a few people are having a problem when they go to register. It would be appreciated if you would keep these handy and make them available to any of your friends having difficulties, Please tell them to go to

There they will see an issue, which is identical to our print version.

Pages can be download to the desktop and read offline at leisure, printed, forwarded, etc, and, by using the audio button, articles can even be read out if so desired!

We are working on a light version for those on dialup or with limited downloads and hope to have this available very soon.

Go to the site then hit Click Here for FREE REGISTRATION.

This MUST be done before hitting SUBSCRIBE.

That takes them to a field asking for some details,

tell them to be sure to change the country field to match theirs!

Passwords MUST contain eight or more characters.

Once completed they will see the cover of the issue, click on it and they�re in.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


  • Crufts
  • Canberra Royal
  • Bathurst Royal
  • Westminster


  • Canine Hypothyroidism - Jean W Dodds
  • EJ helps Funds Paw in for UK Service Veteran
  • Too Many Needles? Elizabeth Hart
  • Tula's Story
  • Vale Jan Edwards/RSPCA Million Paws Walk
  • MDBA awards


  • Welcome to My World - Judy Chapman
  • From A Distance - Miles Gunter
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Aggression Part Five - Honey Gross Richardson
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant

  • And our new INTERNATIONAL DOG section featuring major overseas shows

And our stand alone Breed Feature on Waterdogs

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