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As we worked through this issue, an interesting direction became clear, a very rewarding one – and that is the number of local Councils/community organisations holding Dogs Day Out events, reflecting the importance they see of the role of dogs in their societies and encouraging people to responsibly join the ranks of the thousands of dog owners who appreciate this age old mutually beneficial association of man and dog.

The second is the innovative approaches being taken for rescue and rehoming, very serious efforts being made to match the right dog to the right people, surely a great step forward and away from numerous sad stories about some of the totally unsuitable dogs sold by rescue organisations to homes which could never suit the dog being pushed on to them, resulting in an unhappy dog, an unhappy household and probably the dog very soon back on the recycling heap and another family feeling inadequate and frustrated in their desire to own a suitable family companion. And then there is a really disturbing report of a privately funded German Shepherd rescue centre being closed down because the RSPCA has insisted they meet impossible requirements - they have rehomed more then 200 GSDs in 18 months, relieving the burden on the pounds and ensuring the suitability of the breed to the need.

In the matter of ongoing good public relations, Elaine Banks, in NZ wrote .... It was very good to hear the upcoming Civil Defence exercise held by the Christchurch City Council and local Civil Defence co-ordinator will be including dogs as part of it. The aim is to test how emergency services handle not just people but their beloved pets as well in the event of a major disaster. I hope they receive lots of support and it is good to see a local council having a more pet and dog inclusive attitude.

And hats off yet again to the ABC for the really productive time they are providing to Dr Peter Higgins to talk about dogs, again of huge benefit to the community and filling a need the ABC must see as productive.

So all good this month

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


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  • South Australian service honours bomb detection dog/Doggy Dementia
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  • Maitland is a dog’s best friend
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  • Manly Dogs Day Out
  • Dogs Can Heal Your Mind - Barbara J Andrews


  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Wolf at the Door - Honey Gross Richardson
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  • And our 12 page stand alone feature on Dingos and Wolves

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    Our next issue will be a combined July/August and the breeds featured will be Chow Chow & Shar Pei.

    There will also be our traditional outstanding coverage of the German Shepherd National, and more on the World Show.

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