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Breed Feature


Welcome to the Peruvians, Azawakhs and Podengos who have recently joined us in Australia. We look forward to seeing you all prospering and taking your just share of awards in the ring.

A few contentious matters to mention this month, firstly it seems to us a tragedy to read the following **From the ANKC**

"The ANKC has issued a directive that Schutzhund titles obtained in other countries by dogs imported into Australia will not be added to the ANKC database at the time of re-registration. Schutzhund titles such as SCH and IPO previously added to the ANKC database will be removed. SCH, IPO and other similar titles are a form of attack training and the ANKC does not recognise these titles or discipline".

There are no animals more highly trained in the world than Schutzhund dogs and none more reliable. Yes, these titles can erroneously be described as representing "a form of attack training", but it can never lead to mindless attacking, it is very carefully controlled training for guard/defensive work, and requires enormous intelligence and superb temperament from those dogs who make the grade to these highest levels and the same goes for the humans who train them.

It is also of great concern that the ANKC can simply remove titles from a dog's registered name, as we always understood all recognised titles earned in a country which in turn is recognised by the ANKC MUST always appear whenever a dog's name was published, and of course that includes all FCI titles.

We all complain that the American Kennel Club does not recognise overseas titles, only those won in the USA. Could Australia finish up doing the same? After all if some of the hardest to win titles in the canine world can just be removed without warning or negotiation, what is to stop the ANKC from also removing conformation titles gained in other countries?

Or worse, again following the AKC's lead, and removing the country of birth/importation details as well. What a retrograde step this would be. Australia has some of the most accurate records in the world when it comes to our data base and the issuing of pedigrees, and for titles to be simply removed with no warning is a truly frightening action which could jeopardize our future records in respect to ALL titles other than those gained in Australia. Don't be complacent and say "well it is the Schutzhund people's problem, doesn't affect us", like people said "Well it is the docked breeds people's problem, doesn't affect us?" Once regulations are changed like this, without any consultation with people whose dogs are seriously affected by the changes, it is very easy for further changes to occur in related fields.

Still on the ANKC, here is a very good idea from the Toller people, a special event recently featured Tollers, see NSW notes in Informant, where the following comment appears in the report. We cannot be affiliated with the ANKC because we do not have 3 State based clubs. Our aim is to take the breed feature idea to a different city in each State on a rotating basis so that our breed can have a "Defacto/Claytons" national show. We do not have the numbers to have 3 State based clubs or to run State shows and a national show. We believe that the ANKC should look to amend these rules for rare breeds that would like to have 1 show a year in a different State, so as that their followers from around Australia can participate and enjoy the comradeship for a week end.

Our compliments to Dogs Victoria for their excellent eMagazine info booklet published at http://www.pmgmedia.com.au/dev/vdg/vdg_supplement_2010.html. Great to have others joining our ranks, the Saluki people have a great online magazine and we recently received an exciting one from America on Basenjis. Dogs Victoria will still produce several thousand hard copies to give away at the Royal, the Pet Expo, etc.

While on Dogs Victoria, however, they have dropped a bombshell with this announcement,

Insert new Regulation 3.3.9
3.3.9 Pregnant Bitches Due to the associated health risks it is strongly recommended that bitches do not participate in exhibition after being mated. The following restriction is mandatory. A bitch is prohibited from exhibition for the period four [4] weeks after mating until ten [10] weeks after whelping. A bitch that fails to conceive may resume exhibition.

We checked that this is not an ANKC regulation and wonder how interstate exhibitors are going to be aware of this? If they arrive at a show four weeks after being mated, is someone going to put in a complaint because they happen to know the mating date? If they have weaned their puppies around 4-6 weeks (as most have) and look to be in prime condition, but are exhibited seven, eight, nine or a day short of ten weeks, is someone going to put in a complaint that they should not be on the grounds? Many bitches show no signs of being in whelp until around the six weeks period and bitches who are carrying only one or a few pups often don't even show that then and the pups are at no risk. Many bitches are back in shape five to six weeks after whelping, while in no way having neglected their puppies to weaning stage. Again many bitches have one only or few puppies, and these are also quickly back in shape and going to a show represents no risk to their weaned puppies.

... continued in the online edition

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


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  • World Show
  • The 38th GSDCA National - Celebrating 50 years of Progress

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July/August 2010 Breed Feature Cover

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