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has recently joined our Multi Best In Show Standard Poodles at Picardy.
American Champion Lake Cove Certain To Stop Traffic (Imp USA)
Titled with 3 back-to-back majors at ten months of age
Co-owned by Doris Lilienthal (Lake Cove) & Lorraine Boyd (Picardy)


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Breed Feature


Welcome back with our combined January/February issue, brimful with news, some good, some bad. The issues of health and welfare are rightly receiving tremendous attention, and it is hard to know where to draw the line with coverage, so many initiatives all on the go at once. We must be very careful not to finish up running around like chooks without heads, and thereby lose sight of our actual direction, to breed the best purebred dogs we possibly can.

There has been much angst in Victoria recently over an RSPCA raid and seizure of dogs alleged to have not been debarked in accordance with the Victorian regulations - a warning to all, make sure you keep current with the situation in your State - and it is not always easy to find those current rules on Controlling Bodies' websites, so beware!

We are gaining more respect for Frank Pieterse's determination to work closely with the government departments and the welfare organisations so that we are in a strong position of established self regulation, and then they would have less reason to interfere with our hobby/sport. Trouble is of course we remain thinking and functioning as separate States, there is NO national attempt to present a cohesive front and on the question of the very survival of the dog world we can have no true effect unless dog people think, speak and vote nationally.

His position is not popular, and there are rumours of moves afoot to dismiss the Dogs NSW board, and such an action would be totally without foundation. Sure no Board ever does what everyone thinks is right, and there are always areas which could be improved, mostly lack of communication and what are seen as high handed actions, however nothing is going on that would justify dismissing the board.

We understand it is being largely driven by the pro tail dockers and although we fully understand their position and that of so many others, and the heartbreak that the ban on docking has created plus the loss of many great breeders who do not - understandably - want to promote their breed now with a tail, the situation IS that if the State law prohibits certain practices we have no alternative but to obey. At New Year, the Editor of The Dog Press.com wrote: As the New Year begins, we must all ask ourselves how important is breeding quality purebreds and what is our future in the dog show game? When the ball drops tonight, the clock is ticking on a new era in dogs. We hope that everyone's resolution is to stick with it and help improve the sport. As editor, it is getting harder to find good news to balance the negative stories so we look to you, our readers, to change that! We will continue to ask the questions you present and trust that together we will find answers and solutions to make the future brighter for our four-legged friends.

Because of the great interest shown in our overseas show coverage's and news, we now have a SPECIAL SECTION International DOG. Of course much news will overlap and may appear in either the regular paper or in International Dog but our stunning pictorials will now be grouped together so you can easily keep up with many of the top winners in Europe and Scandinavia.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor



  • The Bateson Report - How it Affects Australia - Frank Pieterse
  • Master Dog Breeders Association to UK Enquiry
  • Rescue dog becomes BIS Winner
  • Toby the Wonder Dog
  • Dogs Qld calls for registration of People not Dogs
  • Animal PETA Sets Up
  • Shop in Australia
  • Tail Docking Vet fined $32,000
  • Beneful Bark in the Park
  • Banned breeds on Qantas
  • Britain's Greatest Showdog of all time
  • Consequences of Banning Inbreeding Julie Nelson
  • From A Distance - Miles Gunter
  • Vale Graham Head OAM
  • Franes Woolcock
  • Vale "Our" Rick Richardson
  • Jean Johnson
  • Vale Gizmo, Aislinn and Casey
  • And tons more news


  • Letters
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Honey Gross Richardson - Aggression Part Four
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant
  • And our new INTERNATIONAL DOG section featuring major overseas shows

And our stand alone Breed Feature on
Bichon Frise, Havanese and Lowchen

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