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Grand Champion Hildydane Pagan Hildydane Kennels have my gratitude and respect for breeding these magnificent beings.
This exuberant harlequin, has an exceptional temperament, is loyal, affectionate and gentle with all, he is an extraordinary boy, and a wonderful ambassador for the breed.
Pagan has an intangible essence, is sound, has correct construction, balance, moves with precision and has the reach and powerful drive of a Great Dane of substance.
Proud Owner/Handler: P Jacques South Australia


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But it couldn't happen here ... yeah, right!

When first I glanced at this announcement from the World Dog Press Association, while applauding the continuing fervour of the many people in the USA fiercely defending our rights as dog people, I thought "it's in California, it's not really applicable to our readers" so ...

And then I read it closely, and ask you to do the same, especially in view of the impending airing of the BBC Programme Pedigree Dogs Exposed and associated ABC programmes such as Catalyst. The inevitable negative PR fall out from this is inestimable and one can only hope that our dog world initiatives such as publishing the "ANKC Vision for the Health and Welfare of Pedigree Dogs" which was sent to a wide range of people in Government, Welfare Agencies and the Media will be given its due respect. It can be viewed on the ANKC Website under HEALTH & WELFARE and is the basis for our defence against the BBC programme.


Cross-posted with permissions from the California Federation of Dog Clubs via the California Animal Legislation list with some editing/additions by me. Cross-posting from here is strongly encouraged. The following link is the full text of SB 250.

As the following analysis by the CFODC of SB 250 indicates, this is where the rubber hits the road. SB250 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee and is now headed for the entire Assembly. Its thrust and certain eventual effects will be to eliminate most dogs and cats from California.

Why? Because for every possible violation of state or local animal law, your dog or cat and all your other dogs and cats will be spayed or castrated. The CFODC has issued below red flags to show people, but even if you never show your dog or cat, if they accidentally escape from your property because someone left a gate open, or your dog barks at night and violates a local noise ordinance, or your pet isn't licensed, or a couple of days overdue with his rabies vax....boom, boom, you either lose the animal or have him or her castrated.

In fact, even if you do nothing wrong, if your intact dog or cat is not licensed and your town does not permit intact-animal licenses, then in order to be legally licensed, the dog or cat must be spayed or castrated. Exceptions for animals certified by a vet as too sick for surgery, but NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS for intact animals over six months old.

Fantastic! Californians and animal (especially) dog owners who visit California to participate in its many dog and cat shows contribute $14 billion (yes, FOURTEEN BILLION DOLLARS) to the California economy every year, and the legislature wants to get rid of this enormous source of income as if it were chump change? The same legislature trying to figure out how to pay off a $30 billion deficit?


The Nitty-Gritty

SB 250 passed the Appropriations Committee and will go to a full vote on the assembly floor. This is without a doubt the most destructive law ever for dog owners. Any dog at a show without a license on his collar, or off leash is in violation. The fact that obedience doesn't allow tags in the ring, the fact that show dogs don't wear tags in the ring, means NOTHING. You only get one chance. Once you've been cited, your dog is spayed or castrated and SO ARE ANY OTHER DOGS YOU OWN. You think they won't come after you at a show? Just check around and see what they're already doing.

The Burbank shows are September 26 and 27. SB 250 could be on the books by then. Maybe it's not likely, but what if? What if AC decides to make an example of us at that show? You could lose your entire breeding stock. If not Burbank, how about Riverside, San Gabriel, any show, anywhere in California? Every time you enter, you'll be putting your dogs at risk, all of them. And if you're one of those who flies under the radar and doesn't license - and you get caught - you won't need to commit a leash violation or anything else. You'll be cited, dogs sterilized and you won't be allowed to own an intact dog ever again.

If you don't show but you compete in obedience or agility, chances are you already spay/neuter your dogs and think none of this applies to you. Dogs get old, they retire, time for a new puppy. Where will you get that puppy?


It is hard to comprehend much less justify all this time and money spent debating Dog Ownership at such a high level in the USA, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee, when in even the most advanced Western countries, the crime rate is raging out of control, drug usage in humans is now so commonplace we hardly listen to a report about it in the media, people are dying of neglect/starvation and living on the streets, unemployment is raging, and the media is full of details of kidnapping, abuse and mayhem, when all we want is to be allowed to continue to enjoy our harmless pastimes with dogs.

One word of course immediately springs to mind, and here is the dictionary definition: draconian | adjective

(of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe.


draconic | adjective

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from the Greek name Drakon.

Note the date of origin, late 19th century and this is now the 21st century and the word is still totally applicable when used in relation to the ever increasing, mostly nonsensical over regulation of an activity that has always brought so much pleasure to so many people throughout history � dog ownership!

Yes OWNERSHIP not GUARDIANSHIP, that ridiculous word the Animal Rightists would have forced upon us and which in fact DIMINISHES our obligations to our dogs and to society, as it is all too easy then to walk away and say "well, I care about my dog but I am not in fact in control of it or truly responsible for it.."

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


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