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Well it seemed that everyone we spoke to in the days preceeding the broadcasting of the BBC's widely publicised Pedigree Dogs Exposed planned to watch it, as it covered such an important topic - are the majority of dog breeders REALLY heartless, irresponsible, or even guilty of downright neglect of the dogs in their care? From the reports coming out of Britain after the screening of the progamme it did seem that these "breeders" must be in the majority, although that did not reflect the siuation as as we saw it - at least in this country.

No-one in their right mind could have failed to be deeply distressed by the footage of dogs suffering so terribly, although as it went on, and often replaying the same footage or nearly the same footage of a few poor dogs of the same breeds being filmed in their distress, it did appear to be a very "targeted" report -and the target was narrow.

Be that as it may, it was - as ANKC Chairman Hugh Gent attempted to point out in the very obviously edited interview conducted with him that subsequently went to air - a wake up call to all concerned that increasing emphasis must be placed on the breeding of dogs (purebred or designer "bred") with the objective of producing the most healthy, sane and sound animals of which we are capable. In the words of the Kennel Club, London, Dogs that are Fit for Function, Fit for Life!

In breeds where there are known problems of inherited disease, and tests exist, surely it is totally irresponsible to avoid having them done? Cost is a big problem and a huge deterrent, but somehow it has to be faced or funded if the fancy as a whole is to retain credibility.

However, the interesting thing to us is that SINCE the programme and follow up interviews, dogs in general and purebreds in particular have received more POSITIVE publicity than we can ever recall. Almost daily since the airing, there has been a good news story on air, on TV, or in print. The focus appears to be strongly slanted towards dogs, and the benefits of owning them, and this is conveyed in a positive not a negative sense.

The article on page 8 of this issue A Geneticist's Best Friend: Dogs is but one of many we came across recently reflecting the importance - and the recognition - of the role of the dog in our lives. There is on the other hand, another great article in this issue, on page 23 Omerta - The Code of Silence which warns all too clearly of the dangers of ignoring the steadily increasing health risks encountered these days in dogs.

So while casting around for what to say about the programme, the topic of course came up in a conversation with Mr Frank Pieterse, President, Dogs NSW and he kindly allowed me to print the following in its entirety. Meanwhile we also have an unexpected new Code of Practice in NSW which takes some digesting, (see Letter from the Minister for Primary Industries on page 10) and the RSPCA has put out a very good puppy booklet to guide potential buyers and basically to head them in the direction of purebred breeders who are members of Controlling Bodies.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


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  • Vale Bob Hale andSusah Hannan
  • Letters
  • When A Dog Is Truly Man's Best Friend
  • A Geneticist's Best Friend: Dogs - Leigh Dayton
  • Dog Shows Are Not All Show - Dr Peter Higgins
  • Negligent Dog & Cat Breeders Face Strict Penalties Under New Code Ian Macdonald, Minister for Primary Industries, NSW
  • Omerta - the Code of Silence - Sierra Milton
  • Tributes to Dianne Gunn-Scarcella & Bob Knight
  • Jeannie Johnston


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