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"A Gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out"
Kabova & Mackerly Pugs presents
Multi BIS Int Ch Port Ch Mon Ch Dan Ch Swe Ch Nord
Ch Ser Ch BoH Ch Tangetoppen’s Gentleman (imp Norway)
Gentleman is now in Australia, handled exclusively by Jenny Williams.
Gentleman is owned and loved by Jenny & Philip Williams, Kabova & Mackerly Pugs, Sydney, Australia


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Breed Feature


Firstly our sincere congratulations to the Sydney Royal team for an excellent event, even though most of us cannot feel the old buzz when the date no longer coincides with Easter and all its associated excitement.

General Specials saw refreshing new dogs and new faces, some outstanding examples of the rare breeds so often relegated to the cut or maybe a Group place but not a win were loudly cheered to the pegs. The after show gathering in the rings so generously hosted by Pro Plan was also greatly appreciated and provided a great finish to what had been an excellent day. People mingled, and chatted, "bigwigs" and "peasants" alike and it was really good to see.

From Paula Heikinnen-Lehkonen, Finland, "The Eurasia show was held on the weekend before Crufts, and on Sunday there was a bus at the front door waiting for the show to be finished, so that some of the dogs taking part in the Group finals could leave immediately and start heading towards Crufts. Yes, they were driving all night and the next days through Europe, the bus full of Russian dogs and exhibitors on their way to conquer Crufts". Can you imagine that?

Also from Paula, Docking and cropping is still allowed in Russia, but most of the young dogs are undocked and uncropped, because the breeders want to show them in other European countries as well, and most countries nowadays have banned showing docked and cropped dogs.

Welcome to Communic8tor to our new Tasmanian correspondent Carol Millhouse, and welcome back to Communic8tor Susan Hannan from North Qld who has been having a well earned rest and also to Sharon Sloan who is going to assist Susan.

Susan wrote ... Atherton KC, as per normal, supplied a very reasonably priced roast dinner and then backed up again on the Sunday morning with a BBQ breakfast. What a great idea!

From Elaine Banks, NZ, ... An old fourteen year Ridgeback cross was stolen from his Titahi Bay yard to be used as ‘bait’ for Pitbull terriers. He was left cowering with serious bite wounds and this has so angered the public that a reward for $20,000 was put up to catch the culprits. I am pleased to say that a twenty five year old man was arrested but the old dog is still struggling to survive the ghastly wounds. The good things about this is that witnesses have stepped forward to enable the arrest of this person. A case of man’s inhumanity to animals and happening far too often

Er... This notice appeared in a Canadian newspaper, makes you wonder about the greenies and ARs doesn't it? To all you hunters who kill animals for food, shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed. I did ask the sender if it was for real and she replied that a friend's daughter in law told the lady's granddaughter that if you drank milk straight from the cow it was poisoned. She believed what she said was true.


Wendye Slatyer - Editor



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  • Don't Drive Them Away - Sharyn Hutchens
  • Kaching! The Hoax of the Animal Radicals
  • Movement - Al Grossman
  • Farewell Hunter - Tracy Kent
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  • So Who Are The Best Cavalier Breeders? - Paul Nichols
  • In The Field - Kevin Walshaw
  • A Question of Colour - Barbara Skilton/Carol Baker


  • To Be Or No To Be - Honey Gross-Richardson
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant

And our 20 page stand alone Breed Feature on
Pugs and Tibetan Spaniels

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