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Welcoming our new Hungarian French Bulldog import
Winnetou Du Champagne, June 2008
Sire: FanFan Du Champagne (Multi-champion winner).
Dam: Isabelle Du Champagne
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It is getting worse!

For several issueds we have had articles and letters discussing the recently announced ANKC changes to the wording/requirements for colour across the breeds. I have not had time to personally check all the alterations but more and more people are reporting problems and either changes being made that have not even been mentioned to breeders, much less referred to them by any kind of referendum or even letters in advance to breed clubs.

Furthermore there is bad - even incorrect - wording which will lead to total chaos in future years as breeders try to comprehend the inheritance of colour in their breeds. Colours will emerge which have formerly been prohibited and many of these are actually linked to detrimental health problems in those breeds, which is why they were excluded in the first place.

As I have very little time to browse the web so am not good at it, I had been checking the published Breed Standards when I received these complaints and could not see any changes, then with assistance, I finally found a tab on the ANKC website entitled

I discovered the following wording

NOTE: The words in Red Italics are for explanation only and are not to be used as the registered colour. The words in Red Italics will not appear on the ANKC Registration Data Base. Tri-colours, Parti-colours and Bi-Colours, these are colour patterns. Dogs may not be registered using the names : Tri-colours, Parti-Colours and Bi-Colours.

So what happens to American Cockers, which are separately registered and judged as separate VARIETIES - by colour in the USA? Does this mean no more "official" parti coloured American Cockers can be bred in Australia? What is the ANKC going to do with imports registered elsewhere in the world - the unquestioned country of both origin and development, the USA, for example? Good grief!

What happens to Whippets which have always been registered as Parti Colours all over the world if they have two colours on them, usually with the white predominating, whereas others are specifically registered as - for example - brindle with white trim, a world of difference.

The Swedish Lapphund now reads Black Brown Liver (All the above colours with or without White markings). How is a breeder to know that a dog is marked with or without white markings if those markings can not appear on the registration?

The Boston Terrier is now stated in this document as Brindle and White (White markings), Seal (Appears black except it has a red cast when viewed in the sun or bright light) and White (White markings), Black and White (White markings). If the wording white markings can no longer be used, what is to stop the breed from turning into - horror of horrors - the now banned word parti colour, ie brindle seal or black with white PATCHES as opposed to white MARKINGS?

The current "Allowable Colours" for Bulldogs are now, Brindle, Brindle and Black (Black mask or muzzle), Red, Red and Black (Black mask or muzzle, Fawn, Fawns and Black (Black mask or muzzle), Fallow, Fallow and Black (Black mask or muzzle), Pied (A combination of White with any of the above colours), Pied (A combination of White with any of the above colours) and Black (Black mask or muzzle) White, White and Black (Black mask or muzzle). To my mind if the words in red can no longer be included in the application to register the dog, what is there to stop "patched dogs appearing in this breed as well?"

And the new "Allowable Colours" list Fawn and White Pied for French Bulldogs. I have never seen a Fawn and White Pied and I understood it was not a permissible colour for the breed in the Standard to which we judge in this country.

That Standard refers only to Brindle Pieds, (2) Pied - white predominates over brindle. Whites are classified with pieds for show purposes; but their eyelashes and eye rims should be black. In pieds the white should be clear with definite brindle patches and no ticking or black spots.

So from these few random examples it can be seen that is is absolutely essential that the words in red italics be used by the breeders when registering the colours of their puppies, they are in many cases the actual essence of the colours/markings.

Who changed the rules for the registration of colours and why were any changes needed? Surely we are not going to be told that the computer can't cope with words and terminology that have been in use ever since many breeds were first recognised? The computer is supposed to be the tool for its masters, not the master!

If you haven't yet discovered this Acceptable Colours tab under the Breed Standards tab on the ANKC website, we do suggest you access it as soon as possible. It could result in changes to your breed which will be irreversible if not challenged now.

To happier things, from Ken Campbell in our Victorian notes. I received a worded card recently that brought a smile. "Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you saw two living creatures, one of them does a poo and the other carries it for him, who would you think is in charge?"

A great story from our Border Collie correspondent, Nadia Radcliffe, .. Well, for those who don't know, Kellie got engaged in January to Paul Vardy. (I introduced them after meeting Paul at a work Chrissie Party and thinking he would be perfect for Kel). Cue the hearts and music as from the moment they met (over curry at my place) it was LOVE! The pair are getting married in August just after the Ekka with plenty of dog show people, and especially BC people in the mix, both at the wedding and in the wedding party itself.

Also read about Jacqui Cant's charming Slater and the school visits – lovely PR for dogs in general and Border Collies in particular.

From our GSD correspondent Jeannie Johnston .. Frequently on the various Forums there are statements by breeders [including GSD breeders] that they will not sell a show quality puppy to a newbie in their breed. Thankfully Alan Adams Spellbinda Knl never adhered to that policy. In 3 States there are kennels grateful for the opportunity, trust, on-going support and life-long friendship that Alan Adams extended to them when he sent each of them a show quality bitch puppy to be the foundation bitch for their breeding program: Jeannie's tribute to Alan reflects a wonderful man with the right perspective, sadly being rapidly lost in our present dog world.

And read the respectful words of praise from NT correspondent Sandy Irlam to another truly dedicated dog world identity, Sandra Lew Fatt.

Do see the words of wisdom from American judge Betty Michl, as they are pertinent to ALL breeds not just the American Staffordshire Terriers which she judges at the recent NSW Specialty.

Susan Hannan in her FNQ notes mentions May 9/10 Tully, Ingham, Toy Club of NQ, and a combined effort by all clubs of a show of all breeds first recognised in Australia. Sounds like a great idea!

From Elaine Banks. The English Kennel Club has expressed its condemnation and concern over the use of a training aid called 'Show Stacker'.. They say "they see no room within the dog show world for any device which forces dogs to stay still through fear of falling and we strongly advocate that dogs need to enjoy showing to produce winning results."

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


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