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The start for 2009 has not been auspicious and as we go to press with our first issue for the year, we are reeling from the shock and horror of the fires in Victoria. The loss of life is as yet not fully counted, but more than 100 people are dead and hundreds more badly burned and injured, with many also missing, and friends and relatives desperate to hear from them. More than 700 homes have been destroyed, some small townships completely burned down, and tragically precious memorabilia gone which can never be replaced. Gut wrenching news is coming through of the terrible loss of beloved livestock and the almost total destruction of some bloodlines. So many people being interviewed on the radio and TV say they grabbed their children and their pets - almost all of them saying dog's - and fled for their lives. One woman sobbed on the radio saying they threw their dogs into the back of the Ute with no time to tie them in and headed off and one of the dogs jumped out and ran back to the house to perish. This morning another lady also sobbed on the radio, saying she did not know how to tell her young daughter that she had to leave the pony to die in the paddock.

While still numb with shock, people are frantically trying to rally resources to DO something for those in such deep trouble, and a few ideas are on this page. Please also keep checking our website www.nationaldog.com.au for updates. People from other States are saying they are heading for Victoria for whatever reason and would be happy to take any goods down, truckies and courier drivers from Queensland, NSW, ACT and South Australia the same, a lady has offered to drive her trailer anywhere in Victoria or loan it to others to do the same, exhibitors are cleaning out cupboards for unused trophies or not needed belongings, Werribee Clinic is offering veterinary assistance, dog folk everywhere are offering to house and care for dogs, and finding leads, groming equipment, feed bowls etc that they can spare, the response is an absolute credit to all concerned.

Something that would be particularly useful would be mobile phones and computers, to help these victims re-establish contact with friends and relatives, something truly vital to their peace of mind and to help them become motivated again.

At the same time in this crazy climate we live in, North Queensland is suffering from horrific flooding, with more than 60% of the State under water. Again stock losses are appalling, but thankfully we are not hearing of any tragedies in our doggie community there, so hopefully the situation is bearable, After all they are not long recoved from their last cyclone.

This editon also contains much important information about the current state of play in the political arena in the UK, the USA, and Australia so far as dogs are concerned. It has NOT improved - on the contrary it has deteriorated.

As Thomas Jefferson said, The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and make no mistake we dog people are in a fight up to our ears to retain our rights to own and enjoy dogs. Wherever you are in the world and whenever the need arises, PLEASE act when called upon to do so in defence of our hobby/sport.

You will find in this issue directions from Dogs NSW as to how to register your concern at the proposed Animals (Regulation of Sale) bill which potentially poses numerous serious threats to our right to own and enjoy our dogs. Several of us got together and developed a petition but then decided it was not the way to go in this instance, so Jim Delaney of the Petshopboyz has loaded very useful material to his website www.petshopboyz.com.au and please go there. The response has been tremendous, the hits from Friday afternoon to Monday morning were 1684!

Many people are now making appointments with their Local Member, many more are handwriting letters and sending emails, one lady was taking her dog with her and his soft crate to demonstrate how we care for our dogs at shows. Great idea!

On a positive note, the show season has commenced and the first major event on the Australian canine calendar will be Canberra Royal. As usual our Communic8tor and Informant sections are filled with interesting items from our correspondents, here are a few:

From Pamela Bennett, An innovation suggested by the President of the Afghan Hound Club of NSW could come some way towards re-establishing the camaraderie that should exist between breed enthusiasts; this is to have the Club gazebo and logo erected at each show, and not just Specialties, as a "rallying point" for members and those interested in the breed, where a friendly welcome is assured and information freely available to newcomers or admirers of the Afghan Hound.

From Jeannie Johnston, Degenerative Myleopathy is a genetic disease that is prevalent amongst GSDs so it is good news that Researchers from the University of Missouri and the Broad Institute have found that the genetic mutation responsible for degenerative myelopathy (DM) in dogs is the same mutation that causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the human disease also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. As a result of the discovery researchers can now use dogs with DM as animal models to help identify therapeutic interventions for curing the human disease. Read more in the GSD notes.

From Diana Norman, By all reports there is going to be a record entry of Griffons at the Armidale KC 3 Show weekend in early February. A special programme has been put together for all Griffon enthusiasts; including a hands-on grooming session, and a Griffon Forum for discussion of all topics relevant to our breed.

From Anne Sorraghan in the Victorian notes... So many members attended the funeral of Jack Macdonald, the VCA decided to host them afterward for a wake at the Park... Laurie Humphries must be thanked for his introduction of show rings marked on the ground, rather than the ring ropes that we suddenly find we've run into, during a workout. At the shows I've attended, exhibitors have found them amazingly convenient

Just as we were going to press, the terrible fires occurred in Victoria. resulting in as yet uncounted loss of life, human and animal, and total destruction of property and all the irreplaceable memorabilia that is so much a part of our lives. The response from the dog world has been absolutely outstanding and offers of help almost overwhelming.

Dogs Victoria has placed information on their website which will assist all the kind people working so hard to make life bearable for the victims of the fire, as such a massive response needs both excellent co-ordination and disciplined control so that as many people as possible can be helped as quickly as possible.

DOGS Victoria has set up an online support area for dog owners affected by the bush fire. An ever-growing list of offers for help and transport as well as a list of people who are seeking assistance can be found at http://www.dogsvictoria.org.au/Content.asp?ID=277. They have also set up a relief appeal that will go specifically to helping dogs.

Any dog owners who can offer assistance or need assistance are urged to contact them, regardless of whether they are a member of DOGS Victoria.

Several dog shows are diverting their fundraising income to this appeal and Dogs Victgoria are in the process of setting up a 'virtual' dog show that will be open to anyone and any dog, alive or deceased. See page 24 for details. It is hoped to make this the biggest dog show entry seen in Australia.

After numerous conversations on Sunday evening/Monday morning with the CEO of Dogs Victoria, Elizabth White and many of our Victorian friends,so much seemed to be happening that we decided to show our support, we at National DOG are donating one our top of the range Advertising Campaign Packages (value $2280) and also a 12 issue subscription (value $84) to Dogs Victoria to be used as raffle prizes at a venue of their choice.

Also if we have any photos in our archives of dogs who may have been tragically lost along with their memorabilia, we would be only too pleased to scan them and print them. Please email us with details and we will see what we can do.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor



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