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Tragedy and misfortune bring people together as we know, and through the Australian bushfires and the atrocities in Belfast, we have finally "met" Joyce and Des Manton who edit the Irish Canine Press. They were instrumental in getting Irish folk to send money for the Victorian bushfire appeal recently.

We received a cheerio message from them during the week of sickening outrage in Belfast (they live there). Just goes to prove what super people Joyce and Des are.

If Aussie dog folk want to send a message of sympathy following the latest IRA attacks, we suggest they drop Joyce and Des a line at: irishcaninepress@btinternet.com A very busy month including the release of our Annual, available from Easter, and now into the hectic round of shows durimg the Easter period, although Sydney Royal for many of us will never be the same now that General Specials are no longer held on Easter Monday, when everyone is already a buzz from so many Specialties snd Group Specialties held over the Easter period.

Sincere apologies to Yvonne Ryan for listing her newly arrived Border Terrier as a Norwich!!! (and as I am an All Breeds judge it really WAS a genuine typoe made in the always last minute rush of going to press! And equally sincere apologies to one of our band of stalwart photographers, Barbara Killworth, for the omission of her name on both the Dog and Puppy of the Year photos and the Canberra Royal feature, which we could not have covered so promptly except for Barb's usual great co-operation.

Some special gems from our wonderful corespondents this month include Pamela Bennett's Afghan Hound notes, which are filled with thought provoking paragraphs about judging procedures including the following quote. "great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinions... they are accomplished by individuals who take untravelled roads...". Charles Kuralt.

From Barbara Skilton's Italian Greyhound notes ... The ethical breeder does not really need a code: the unethical will give lip service and do as they please.

Kate Hall Samoyed'a notes on the new grounds for Dogs Victoria ... I felt the grounds were well received by all - and I look forward to a long and happy future at the Bulla Centre.

Jean Georgio Welsh Corgi Cardigans wrote Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeders in Australia can be justifiably proud of the results of breed judging at Crufts this year. Nine placings - including the BCC & BOB - were awarded to offspring of AustGrCh Bethwyn Music Man;, with three placings including the RBCC going to offspring of Aust GrCh Llandaff Harlem Foxtrot.

From Leah Ryan in our Breed Feature ... Sometimes trying to maintain the purity of strains involves losing a generation of show dogs to a generation of breeding dogs in order to attain the long-term desired goal. And Too many people in dogs are more than content to breed what they have, keep what they get, and show what they keep.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor



  • Virtual Dog Show's stunning success
  • A Beneful Walk in the Park
  • Farewell to Aust Grand Ch Toptaurus Crow Out Loud
  • St Patrick's Day in its homeland
  • An Aussie judges in Ireland
  • The New Politically Correct Cruft - Judy Chapman
  • Stick Thin Dachshunds?
  • Warning
  • Swedish Kennel Club edicts
  • FCI World Agility Championships
  • Dog of the Millennium Dies
  • International Guide Dog Day
  • Pets Encouraged to Holiday in NSW
  • Monika‚Äôs Rescue may be forced to close


  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant

And our 36 page stand alone Breed Feature on
Collies, Rough and Smooth and Shetland Sheepdogs

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