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Great to see that at long last we can now have 30 letters in a registered name - proving that the computer CAN do what the members ask it to do! Why then do we suddenly have this amazing announcement that colours will be rationalised and greatly reduced - to absurdity in some cases. See Barbara Skilton's Italian Greyhound notes for a discussion, IGs traditionally registered - correctly - as seals and sables will now have to be simply black - which is incorrect and in no way reflects the actual colour of the animal. This is misleading, will become a nightmare for serious researchers and record keepers, and confuse the buying public when they view puppies registered as black and compare them with a genuine black. There are many other instances of unnecessary restrictions or even worse, changes of description, for instance does the word GOLD on its own bear any resemblance to the correct colour of a Vizsla, currently accurately described as Various shades of russet gold and dark sandy gold. The ear leathers may be a little darker, otherwise uniform in colour. Red, brownish or lightened colour is undesirable. I learnt that description when going through judges' training some time prior to 1971, and have never forgotten it. The wording is unique to the breed and the colour is a hallmark. Without the words "russet" and "dark sandy" in the description for the breed, newcomers will have no idea what is correct, and careless breeders will all too easily get away with lighter and lighter coloured dogs, saying the Standard does not specifiy what the gold colour for the breed actually is!

Ten days ago when these changes came to my notice it wa my intention to research them all, but as usual I am out of time. We would love to hear from any breeders who feel strongly about changes to their traditional descriptions of colour for their breeds and would like to publish the reactions. As more and more strange things happen to the wording of our Standards and world usage names of breeds are changed, one realises how important it is that in the USA the Breed Standards are the property of the breed clubs, and not of the AKC, and no changes can be made without a referendum and wide agreement.

And still on officialdom, how many people are happy with the way we need to "source" a judge these days via the ANKC website, because a judges' book is no longer published? For us here it is a nightmare, as we have NO WAY or the TIME to keep track of all the new judges or those who have been approved for their second Group at championship level (remember we send to ALL judges with TWO or more Groups at that level!) We do our best to add names as we learn of them, or alter addresses if we see them somewhere in print, but now we get letters asking why complimentary copies have not been received, some are genuinely pleasant and express the recipient's delight at being eligible to join the "freebie" list as they find the publication so useful, especially now that we are doing our breed features, which are being purchased by people all over the world as they learn of the extent and quality of the content.

I cannot imagine how hard it is also for show secretaries, it is SO time consuming, and actually very difficult, as you must first know the name of the judge you are looking up, and with the great proliferation of judges these days, who can possibly know all their names? Following a discussion with the organiser of one of Australia's major All Breeds shows, he sent me this note ... And we agree we really miss the ANKC judges' book, and their website doesn't get updated unless you notice and then ask them to do it for you. They should have never dropped printing the book!

When we were looking through it for Interstate judges noticed that there are a lot of judges that have passed Groups in the last 3 years that have not been updated, which doesn't help them with getting appointments. However it seems we ar not alone with concerned over decision made from our masters.

Rosemary Green, our Rhodesian Ridgeback correspondent wrote ... ....The conclusion the KC has arrived at is that "dermoid sinus can be minimized by mating a ridge to a ridgeless dog". Good heavens! How can breeders breed to the Standard if they are encouraged to use ridgeless dogs?

Our Informant and Communic&tor sections are always packed with valuable information. Here are a few other items of particular interest: from our new Australian Terrier correspondent, Kathleen O'Donnell, Australian Terriiers In the 1920-30s those days the Indian horse-buyers used to make Port Adelaide their main port of call and before sailing would visit both McPharlin (Cheerio) and Haussen (Glenside) kennels and take anything up to twenty Aussies back on each trip.

From Fiona Quinlan, English Springer correspondent... (In Canada) To earn a GdCh title a dog must have won a BIS or a National Specialty, accumulated at least 100 points which are given as follows: Group 1 - 5 points, Group 2 - 4, etc and the dog must have a title in another discipline such as obedience, etc or pass the Canine Good Neighbour test.

From Debbie Cozart, Poodle correspondent ... As far as I know, PCA is the only Specialty show to host a recognised retrieving and hunt trial for Poodles. As the retrieving dogs are a very small percentage of Poodles, it is good to see that many of the recognised show kennels have dogs trained in the field. Hopefully this continues and Poodles won't see the division between the conformation and working dogs that is apparent in so many traditional field breeds.

From Kate Hall, our new Samoyed correspondent ... In other news, here in Victoria the SCV held a dinner lecture earlier in the year, open to anyone who wanted to attend. What a great idea and along the lines of the educational and social functions breed clubs SHOULD (and used to) do regularly.

From Jeannie Johnston ..... What does come across in rescue is the 'out of sight out of mind' mentality of some breeders. Very sad and very hard to deal with especially when a dog's life is at stake. Lifelong responsibility for the puppy they bred just doesn't cut it with them. Their interest ceased when the money was banked and/or the cheque cleared.

We also wish to extend special thanks to Sister Jeannie Johnston for her incredible effort to obtain such excellent coverage of the German Shepherd Dog National - only next year she has promised NOT to send me over 600 photos on CDs with only codes and no identifying captions! Jeannie worked like a beaver and was given every assistance by the GSDCA for which we also thank them most sincerely, and the other sponsors listed in the coverage who made these great pages possible.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


  • German Shepherd National

Breed Feature:

24 page stand alone Breed Feature on Shih Tzus & Lhasa Apsos
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  • What is Breed Type? And How to Win Despite it - Frances Sefton
  • A Comparison of the Tibetan Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu and Tibetan Spaniel
  • Holding Onto The Little People - Kerstin Handrich - Germany
  • Shih Tzu Sketches - Jay Ammon - USA
  • History and Origin of the Lhasa - Elizabeth Emery
  • Breed That Glides Across The Ground - Audrey Dadds, UK, 1995
  • The Hamilton Line - Nancy Plunkett - USA
  • The Chinese/Tibet Connection - John Shepherd, 1995
  • The American Influence on British Lhasa Apsos - Thelma Morgan, UK 1995
  • Coat Care in the Shih Tzu - Pam Bales, 1984
  • Shih Tzu Head & Expression - Marina Ouvaroff, 1988
  • Lhasa Movement - Pauline Torrance, UK
  • Some Thoughts on Colour in the Shih Tzu - Dorothy Gurney, UK, 1985


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  • Honey Gross Richardson
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  • Informant
  • And - as always - some of Australia's most beautiful dogs
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