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Receiving enormous media coverage recently has been the screening of a BBC documentary in the UK which has supposedly exposed cruelty and neglect and malpractice by breeders of pure bred dogs. As a result, the BBC is also reportedly considering whether or not to withdraw their coverage of Crufts. The possibility of this extremely disappointing scenario was - interestingly enough - made public knowledge just prior to the screening, which of course ensured a huge viewing audience.

Distressing footage was shown of dogs suffering from hereditary diseases (some of it reportedly "assisted" by withholding of medication or deliberately placing the dogs in situations which would cause or heighten distress). Be that as it may, we are all aware that there are indeed unscrupulous "breeders" and that we must all do everything we can to ensure that every dog we breed is as healthy, physically, mentally and genetically as we can possibly make it. More and more legislation is being enacted to ensure "we" do the right thing. But round and round the mulberry bush we go again, as it will only be the registered breeders who are traced and policed, and the "others" will as always run their own race.

To more pleasant matters... here are some highlights from the multitude of news and views in this issue. They emphasise the contributions breeding and showing dogs make to our lives, day in and day out. Can a sport/hobby that provides such enjoyment for so many people, both those "in" dogs and those outside, really be as undesirable as it is so constantly painted by the greenies and the section of the media which continues to sensationalise the bad news stories and never the good ones?

From Heather Budd reporting on the Rylsone/Kandos inaugural event

Many exhibitors stayed in local accommodation and ate at local restaurants and businesses in town are very pleased with the patronage - and looking forward to next year's shows affording them the same added bonus not often available to businesses in a small rural location. The shows were widely publicised throughout the area and many visitors came to watch.

And Heather again, with reference to the Dubbo Triple.

The highlight of the whole weekend's festivities was the "Pink Day" Special Fundraising for Cancer Research activities during the luncheon break. In her indomitable fashion Mrs Betty (Butterfly) Stepkovitch judged the event and to say she had a really hard time with picking winners was an understatement. The entire canine community at Dubbo threw itself into support of the fundraiser and much hilarity and fun was had by all as Best Pink Hat; Best Pink Bra; Best Dressed Man in Pink; Best Dressed Lady in Pink and Best Dressed Dog in Pink were judged. A phenomenal amount of money was raised for cancer research and much credit must go to the 'gentleman in pink winner' who got his fellow workmates at Tamworth Abattoirs to sponsor him to an amount in excess of $500.00 ... This event and the hilarity and genuine good spirits that went with everything was a wonderful reminder of what dog showing really is about - like minded people sharing a hobby and getting together in support of those of us less fortunate when the time arises.

From Our Samoyed correspondent Kate Hall on clubs...

We ALL need to make an effort to do our part: after all, they are our shows and if we aren't running them who is? Every person who exhibits should contribute in some way. If you're not already, why not join an A/B club that is need of more people, steward, ticket write, get your judges licence or help your breed club? As the dog world is constantly faced with new challenges, everyone's contribution, large or small, will help keep our wonderful sport alive.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor


  • Brisbane Royal
  • 2008 Australian National Sportdog titles - Alison Kollenberg
  • Darwin Royal

September 2008 Breed Feature Cover

Breed Feature:

50 plus page stand alone Breed Feature on German Shorthaired Pointers, German Wirehaired Pointers & Pointers
  • Comparison Of The Three Breeds
  • History of GWP Working in Australia - Geoff Oakes
  • The GWP in Australasia - Amanda Atkinson
  • Flying Fundogs - Le Hammer
  • The GWP - Origin and Hunting in Europe
  • Early Pointers In Australia
  • The Ideal Versatile Hunting Dog - ChristineCunningham
  • A Breed That Must Hunt and Gallop - David Wong
  • Australia's Top GSP Stud Dogs - Sue Wright/Anne Raymond
  • An Efficient Working Dog but With a Very Special Head
  • The GSP in The Last Thirty Years - Raylene Smith
  • The All Purpose Hunting Specialist - Kevin Walshaw
  • Mixed Views on Spanish, French Origin - Kitty Edmondson
  • The Controversial Foxhound Cross
  • The GSP 1971 - 2007 - John Maxwell
  • Breeder's Profiles commence
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Pointer and Setter Field Trials


  • Commonwealth Kennel Clubs Meet
  • Australian Weis at World Show and Australian Samoyed titled in the UK
  • Vale Grace Lord
  • How Animal Rights Has Twisted Our Language - John Yates USA
  • Australian Cattle Dogs - Sue Dickerson
  • Do You Know Who This Dachshund Is?
  • Attention Junior Handlers
  • Californian Bill is Dead
  • DogsNSW Acts on Illegal Taildocking
  • Guide Dog Puppies Need Homes
  • RSPCA Happy Tails Day
  • Terriers at Large - Ken Campbell
  • Aussie Brag - Susan Weeks USA
  • 5th International Whippet Congress - Bev Daines
  • A Judging Safari - Connie Redhead
  • Super Dog Panshanger
  • Fabulous Vallhunds - Leonie Darling


  • Letters
  • Poison Proofing - Honey Gross Richardson
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant
  • And - as always - some of Australia's most beautiful dogs
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