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Introducing: Risepark Lucky Strike (Imp UK) call name 'Geoffrey' DOB 24/5/2007.
Breeder: Peter Newman, Barry Day & Shaun Frost - Risepark (UK)
Owners: Rodney Hodder & David Ritzau - Vonruf Miniature Schnauzers - contact 0417 202 762


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This past month has brought so much doom and gloom and depressing news about the dog world that it is really hard to write an editorial. Controlling Bodies world wide are doing the right thing and reiterating the unquestionable importance of breeding healthy dogs, and it is certainly essential that anyone judging dogs does the best they can to be sure any winners can breathe, see and walk normally. That is what any responsible judge does anyway, but many of us fear a backswing where TYPE will be thrown out with the bath water, as no-one for instance should expect a Pug, or a Bulldog, or a Peke of a Sharpei to "walk" like an Irish Setter, or a German Shepherd, or an Afghan Hound. There is too much to assimilate, the goal posts are moving every day, and the public is being spooked by all the warnings and charges of "cruelty" being practised by the breeders of purebred dogs and so will move back to the fallacy of designer dogs with their so called hybrid vigour.

So let's look at what our correspondents have to say on a more pro-active note. A desperate plea from Jenine Glenn, for her Northern NSW canine region to survive, and applicable everywhere these days ... I must say how disappointed I am in the region over the last month with the bitching and possible closure of a few clubs. We are indeed facing challenging times financially and with the lack of members to do the work at shows this becomes even harder.

From Barbara Killworth on Finland ... As well as the pride in their city (Helsinki), the pride in their dogs is also very apparent, with pedigree dogs and their owners to be seen in ever part of the city, including their shops, trains and boats. Throughout Finland, we never saw a designer breed, but dozens of pure bred dogs in particular Terriers, which were well trained and presented, a credit to their owners.

From Robin Wallis, also on Finland ... There was no stopping for morning coffees or lunch breaks (what a GREAT idea guys, something which could improve our system here), just a thermos of coffee, plenty of water and some sandwiches or rolls and muffins which you could eat at anytime whilst judging. When you finished your daily appointment, it was straight to the meals tent where there was a hot meal waiting for you.

From Amanda Hannan, Nth Qld, ... Jetpets Townsville were responsible for the mammoth prizes being handed out through the weekend along with Group prizes donated by Advance. BIS and RUBIS both days were given Oz Trail deluxe gazebos - so Linda and Kim had to make room for 2 of those huge gazebos in their campervan setup. Group each day were presented with Advance food and a JetPets satchel while each Class in Show over the two days also received an airplane approved crate with each Class in Group also receiving an apron for day one and a travel mug for day two. Far north Queensland hasn't seen such generous prizes in a long time!

From Kerrie Mansell, WA on the Chihuahua National ... The show boasted the involvement of some 242 Chihuahuas contributing to 272 catalogue entries. Dogs came from every State and the percentage of visitors to locals was ¼ locals to ¾ visitors.

From Elaine Banks NZ ... Please clubs make a small effort to accommodate the disabled at shows. There are actually a number of them exhibiting and one day it could be you needing a little consideration.

And from Lesley Chalmers ... And so to the National. Congratulations to whoever was responsible for the publicity! It was excellent!

I confess to being suspicious of yet another spoof TV programme about eccentric dog people when I saw the 'Good Morning' presenter arrive dressed like Cruella DeVine. But after the first installment, I admit to being pleasantly surprised.

From Yvonne Hopf in our Schnauzer Breed Feature, reminding us of what it as like "in the olden days" when dedicated breeders were sourcing stock ... To comply with quarantine entry to Australia requirements, Max and Sascha were first sent to Hawaii where they spent 3 months in quarantine and then had to be boarded privately for 1 month before they were eligible to leave for Australia, as dogs could not transfer directly from one quarantine facility to another. After arrival in Sydney they spent another 5 months in quarantine. We were only allowed to visit for 2 hours once a month.

Till next month, when hopefully the dog world will be a little more settled and we can do some appraisals of the measures being taken to support our slogan at NationalDOG - protect, preserve and promote the image of purebred dogs in the community.

Wendye Slatyer - Editor



  • ANKC Policy Statement
  • Sad Farewewlls
  • European Winners Show, Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
  • Oaklands Hound Show - GwenFord
  • The British Scene - Geoff Corish
  • New Animal Welfare state of the art centre opens
  • Coins & Roses
  • Results for the Australasian Challenge Cup
  • A Guide Dog for Christmas
  • Canadian Italian Greyhound Specialty - Mary Keast
  • Kids N Pets
  • Around & About, Barbara Killworth, Beth Warman and Jeannie Monford
  • Robyn Wallis "finds Finland"


November 2008 Breed Feature Cover

Breed Feature:

28 page stand alone Breed Feature on Schnauzers

  • Comparisons of the Three Breeds
  • The Published Breed Standard for Schnauzers and its interpretation
  • The Schnauzers
  • The Giant Schnauzer
  • The Standard Schnauzer in Australia
  • Grooming
  • Diagrammatic Representations of the Breeds
  • Miniature Schnauzers Australian History
  • Miniature Schnauzer Club of NSW 1st Specialty
  • The Fun Side of Schnauzers
  • The Schnauzer Clubs
  • An Exceptional Dog - Ch Donnerkeil Ice Warrior
  • Oh What A Night!
  • Miniature Schnauzer Club of NSW
  • The Beginnings of the Giants
  • Biggles Lives On In Bronze
  • M Davidson The Three Breeds
  • Breeder Profiles
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