March 2007 Issue

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On our cover

Am/Can/Mex gr/FCI Int/Lat Am/Carribbean/Aust Champion Morningwood Beaumont
has won his first Australian Best In Show, making him a multi BIS winner in 5 countries

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  • Many things you need to know
  • Dingoes to be exterminated in NSW
  • Designer Dog Debate
  • Amazing Agility achievements
  • Papillons, an Italian Grehound and an Amstaff
  • NSW Dog of the Year/Puppy of the Year 2006
  • Clients meet their champion Greyhound
  • Vales, Pieje Vidler, Henry Lawrence, Gordon Derrick
  • Queensland Judges' Seminar
  • Ron Hevener - You've Got to Have Heart
  • Rescue Dog Symposium in Salzburg
  • Sleeping with Dogs
  • Jane Harvey with WHAT?


  • Jamie Hubbard - Hubbard's Cupboard
  • The Dog Groomer - Cheryl LeCourt
  • Honey Gross-Richardson Tug of War
  • Letters
  • Communic8tor
  • Informant
  • Classifieds
  • And - as always - some of Australia's most beautiful dogs
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